DSAW Pipes

Submerged arc welding

In the plant of large diameters, the plate is cut to the specific width and beveled for the application of welding.

The Continuous Forming Mill with its Continuous Tapping System is used to form the tube. After placing the "ears" at each end of the tube, one of several automatic four-headed Submerged Arc lines applies a uniform end-to- end seam over the joint of the edges on the inside of the tube. The same process is applied from the outside.

In order to restore the ductility properties to the affected parts during welding, a heat treatment is applied at a minimum temperature of 870 ° C (1600 ° F).

Simulado Meta Título
Simulado Meta Título

The Mechanical Expansion is performed,

With the following benefits:

Reduction of Residual Efforts; Increase in Mechanical Properties; Dimensional integrity; Uniformity in the Diameters, resulting in a better bonding and welding in the field.


Hydrostatic Test: After Mechanical Expansion the tube is hydrostatically tested with the 5000 psi tester.


Final Ultrasound: The most modern equipment currently used for Ultrasonic Inspection is used to confirm the quality of our pipeline. This equipment is the most advanced in the world in this type of inspections and has 16 transducers.