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HSAW Pipes

Submerged arc spiral welding

Procarsa HSAW mill manufactures pipes of larger diameters (from 20" to 88”) For structural and fluid conduction uses, with grades up to API 5L X100 with internal and external submerged arc welding. 


The pipe is submitted to a series of inspections including the hydrostatic test and a final ultrasound that guarantees the quality of the double submerged arc welding.

It is the first spiral welding mill that applies the "Two Step" procces in America

In a first step, the spiral tube machine converts the material to the desired diameter and welds the ends with a TAG type weld to maintain the preform. Subsequently the tube passes to the finished section where the inner and outer submerged arc welding is done.


This process makes manufacturing more efficient, increasing the capacity of the mill.

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