The structural pipe is manufactured

With the highest quality steels

According to the ASTM A-500 standard in grades B and C.


Special grades on measurement can also be supplied.


Other advantages offered by our products are:

a) Greater strength/weight ratio 

b) Flexibility in manufacturing lengths according to customer



Some of the uses of the square and rectangular structural pipe are:

a) Vehicles for agriculture (tractors, threshing machines, etc.) 

b) Bridges 

c) Buildings 

d) Equipment and machinery 

e) Road signs (structural for traffic lights and advertisements) 

f) Industrial warehouses and warehouses 

g) Railway vans

Simulado Meta Título
Simulado Meta Título

Tuberías Procarsa, SA de CV offers an extensive stock of tube in different lengths and thicknesses for immediate delivery; being one of the two mills in North America that manufactures pipe of greater length. The lengths in which the tube is produced are 20 ', 24', 30 ', 40', 48 ', 60' (6.10, 7.32, 9.14, 12.19, 14.63 and 18.29 meters). Structural pipe to special lengths, upon request of the client.